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GetClub Chess Game 2.0

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GetClub Chess Game
Play Chess Online with Computer and your Friends. Just play on Internet. Play Chess and Chat with Human Opponents First 30 Games are Free. Play with real people, Bring your Friends to play Online with you at Cafe/house/College. Download GetClub Chess Game to play Chess daily. You can play with 5 different Levels as per your Strengths. Your game is recorded and analyzed by experts. A new Chess Program which has 5 different Levels as per players Skills is being Launced by You can play Chess Online using Browser. Both Human Opponents and Computer Players Supported. Visit: homepage to Play Chess Online. Major features ------------------------ 1. Your Games are Recorded. 2. Top 60 Players are Listed and Awarded. 3. 5 Levels to play with as per your Skills. 4. No download needed Just Login and Start Playing. A must of anyone seeking to improve his Chess game. Visit: homepage to Play Chess Online. Thanks Chess
GetClub Chess Game
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License: Shareware
Price: $20
File Size: 535.0 KB
Downloads: 26

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